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Mutant Ooze Slime

Mutant Ooze Slime


Introducing Mutant Ooze, our first premium slime.  This radioactve (not actually) ooze is handcrafted using quality ingredients to produce the perfect balance between "cowa" and "bunga."  Bringing it to another level, simply turn off the lights and watch as the ooze glows in the dark.  Each slime comes with a mega cute turtle charm where you can recreate the moment 4 lucky turtles become legends.

What's included:

  • One 4oz/6oz premium handcrafted slime
  • One mini pre-mutation turtle charm
  • One Slime activator mix pack
  • One Mutant Ooze sticker
  • Our gratitude for your support!


  • Slime Care 101

    Always be sure to...

    • Wash and dry your hands
    • Play on a clean/smooth surface
    • Knead your slime to make it prime
    • Finished?... Always put your slime    back in the container


    Sticky slime happens when slime gets lonely from not being played with for a while or when it gets too warm.  But don’t worry!  Cool it down and firm it up by using our activator spray.  Just one spray then mix it in.  Repeat until you get the right texture.  Be careful not to use too much or the slime may get too firm.


    Stiffy slime happens when its cold out and all the slime wants to do is bundle up and not move.  Other times,  it may have been over activated.  But don’t worry!   The slime just needs to be pampered by using things like lotion or hand sanitizer.  Mix a dab at a time until you get the right texture.  Be careful not to use too much or the slime may come apart.


    Disclaimer: Slime is fun but not in your tum. Please do not eat your slime. Your tummy will thank you.


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